Choose your promotion

Blog tour

Including - 
All promotional artwork,
Start of tour boost post,
End of tour wrap up,
Up to 2 blog posts per day.

7 days - £125
14 days - £175
30 days - £250


Including - 
All promotional artwork
Start of readalong boost,
End of readalong wrap up.

£150 if added onto a blog tour

Promo package A

Over the past 12 months we have seen the a combination of the following gets the most consistent results.


14 day blog tour

Promotional reel / Ticktok

Verified GIF


Promo package B

Go all out and give your book the very best chance to been seen across social media.


30 day blog tour

promotional reel / tiktok

Verified GIF

Author spotlight

Book playlist

5 x dedicated campaign bloggers



Additional promotional tools 


Compatible with Instagram and Tiktok

60 second reel - £100
Up tp 5 minuets - £150
"pass the book" reel - £170

Author Spotlight

Q & A from the tour blogs, or "A Day In The Life" post


Verified GIFS

Compatible with Instagram stories, Twitter, Facebook, and any sight that is supported by GIFY

GIF / Sticker - £50
Set of 3 - £100

Dedicated campaign bloggers

5 bloggers that will focus on your campaign, acting as cheerleaders and promoting other tour host's posts



Additional promotional tools 

Book playlist

A spotify playlist, either inspired by the book or music to read the book by.  Price included playlist promotion


Cover Reveal

Includes promotional artwork and a maximum of 10 bloggers sharing


Flash Book Boost

Includes promotional artwork and a maximum of 10 bloggers promoting


Additional tour bloggers

per 10 additional bloggers